Leland, MS
Owner: Nerren Farms
Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019
Sale Time 10:00 am
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Auctioneer's Note: 

Mike and Bubba Nerren have decided to retire and have rented out their land. They have commissioned DeWitt Auction Co. to sell the following list of farm equipment at Pubic Auction on January, 23, 2019

MISSISSIPPI SALES TAX AFFIDAVIT - Please remember we need a new affidavit from you for 2019 if you are a farmer and you are planning on purchasing equipment at one of our auctions in Mississippi.  Please sign, notarize and return the affidavit on the link below.



From Leland, MS, take Highway 61 North approximately 7 miles or from Shaw, MS take Highway 61 South 8 miles. Sale site is on West side of Highway 61.


1-8260R JD MFWD, 480/80R46 R1 duals, 420/90R30 front, deluxe cab, HID lights, 2383 hrs., 2013 yr., SN RW8260R AOP068059

1-8235R JD MFWD, 480/80R46 R1 duals, 420/90R30 front, deluxe cab, 2442 hrs., 2013 yr., SN RW8235REDP070410

1-8320 JD MFWD, 480/80R46 R1 duals, 420/90R30, 5600 hrs., auto steer ready, 2004 yr., SN RW8320PO21635

1-Set of side mount tanks and racks

1-6115D JD MFWD, 18.4x34 R1, cab, 13.6x24 front, warranty to 1-5-2020, SN IPO 6115DEEO060400

1-4010 JD, diesel, WF, (minor fire damage)

1-580D Case backhoe and loader

1-4720 JD sprayer, 420/80R46 R1, 80’ booms, on board air, 2005 yr., SN NO4720 X002497

1-RTK JD auto steer, w/3000 bubble


1-S670 JD combine, 1250/45R32 flotation, 4 wh., 28Lx26 rear, Contour, chopper, 1145 hrs., 2012 yr., SN HOS670SCGO746213

1-894 JD header, SN 720590

1-Killbros header trailer

1-630 JD draper head, SN 745239

1-882 Brent grain cart, 30.5x32 R1


1-1720 JD 12 r. planter, w/3 bushel hopper, Yetter thrash wheels, stack fold, 38”

1-W&A 12 row Do-All, 3 pt., w/scratchers, Like New

1-630 JD 28’ disk

1-RX14 JD cutter

1-Reynolds 10C dirt scoop, SN 17702

1-EZ Trail gravity flow, w/auger, gas

1-1600 gal. poly tank on tandem trailer

1-1000 gal. KBH poly tank on trailer

2-235 JD disks

1-1000 gal. metal tank on tandem trailer, w/pump

1-JD 400 rotary hoe


1-8 row hooded sprayer

1-12’ pull type box blade

1-W&A levee plow, 5 blade

1-500 gallon fuel tank on trailer

1-6 tine Bingham Bros. paratill

1-Glencoe PA10 3 pt. ditcher

1-Poly pipe roller w/retriever, hyd.

2-3 tine Boy Dog plows

1-12 row Dickey cultivator

2-3 pt. Ford chisel plows

1-750 gallon fuel tank on trailer

2-3 pt. JD field cults., 15’ and 20’

1-BHC frail cutter

2-4 row paratills, w/buster shanks

1-Rhino ditchbank mower

1-8 row lay-by rig


1-JD power unit

2-Anh. ammonia tanks on trailers

2-Anh. ammonia storage tanks

2-Module builders, 1-Big 12

1-Lot approx. 9 surge valves

1-Lot approx. 12 pivot bridges

1-16x50 Proctor land plane

1-1998 Dodge pickup, ext. cab, 2 wh.


1-Valley Center Pivot, 6 Towers, towable

1-John Deere Power Unit w/ Generator

2-Well Heads for pivot

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Mike Nerren 662-822-7974
DeWitt Auction 800-533-9488

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