Kennett, MO
Monday, January 29th, 2018
Sale Time 9:00 am
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Auctioneer's Note: 

This is one of the largest auctions of the year. This year we have 4 retirement sell-outs along with consignments from area farmers and others.
This is only a partial listing. Watch website for additions.
Check-In Crew will be on-site starting Wednesday, Jan. 10 from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.
All vehicles must have titles at check-in and must sell absolute.
No junk, please. All titled vehicles except farm trucks & trailers must sell absolute. No tires except duals.
There will be a $25 per item minimum commission charge.
For more information call owners at numbers given with listings.
To add equipment to website listing, call Jason Lynn 573-717-0258 or Jack Holifield 870-926-4173.

NOTE: This will be an all day sale. This is a partial listing only! Much more equipment will be at the auction. All augers, big trailers, floats, air drills, and hooded sprayers will be on the back lot because of space limitations. We will run two trucks most of the day. There will be all kinds of farm equipment in this auction. Watch the website for additions.


Delta Fairgrounds On Highway 412 Across From Wal-Mart & Adjacent to Kennett Municipal Airport


Tommy is retiring and will sell his very clean equipment in this auction.


1-7760 JD 6 row picker, Pro 16, RWA, 42” duals, 1640 E/1255 F hrs., owner-driven, SN 35156

1-4730 JD sprayer, 100’ boom, 2261 hrs., swath control, RTK auto track, 2630 screen, SN 024087

1-6700 JD sprayer, 2264 hrs., SN 10036

1-8230 JD tractor, FWA, 46” R1 duals, 6595 hrs., SN 10130


1-1725 JD 12 r. planter, 3 bu. hoppers, hyd. dr., in-furrow spray, cutter press wheels, hoods, SN 765292

1-8385 Orthman 12 row bedder, w/Gandy seeder

1-642 Wilmar 12 row broadcast hood

1-Yetter 12 row liq. appl. w/1600 gal. KBH trailer and tank

1-W&A 12 r. stack fold Do-All

1-W&A 12 row Do-All

1-Perkins plow 12 row water furrow plow


2-KBH 6 row 1-trip plows, w/Gandy seeders

1-KBH 250 seed tender

1-EZ Drop pipe layer

4-KBH 1,600 gal. water wagons

1-630 JD 28’ disk

1-B&B 6 row paratill

1-Wilmar 60’ spray boom

1-Fair Oaks kilifer

1-W&A PTO ditcher

1-1590 Rhino hyd. blade

1-Chandler lime spreader


1-2715 Rhino bat wing cutter

1-520 JD flail shredder

1-JD 9-shank V-ripper

1-Bulk box tender

1-6 row rotary hoe

1-King 8’ cutter

1-Forrest City 6 row Do-All

1-6 row ripper hipper

1-1,000 gallon fuel trailer

2-Adams 1,000 gal. fuel trailers

1-W&A pull type Do-All

1-6’ 3 pt. cutter

1-16x50 Proctor float

1-Service trailer

1-Levee plow

1-Gravity wagon

1-Allen V-ditcher

1-Midland 6 yard dirt scoop

1-IHC 15’ chisel plow

1-Dickey-Vator 12 row hoods

1-Great Plains 20’ drill

1-4800 IHC Vibra-Shank 26’ field cultivator

1-Big 12 builder

1-KBH builder


1-Nissan forklift

1-Service trailer

1-Datsun Stage 3 forklift

1-Rice 16’ stock trailer

1-Bale spear

1-JaMar hay bale trailer


1-4045T JD power unit

1-4039T JD power unit

1-239T JD power unit w/gen.

1-329 JD power unit

10-Surge valves

1-Lot 8” and 10” irrig. fittings

1-Lot front mount tanks & racks

For more information contact Tommy Wilkins 573-888-7135

OWNER: ROY GAINES 870-740-3828


1-8225R JD, FWA, 46” RIW duals, 3071 hrs., SF1 w/2600 screen, SN 8225R PO011576

1-8230 JD, FWA, 46” RIW duals, 4024 hrs., Trimble guidance, SN 41944

1-3330 Case IH Patriot sprayer, 2332 hrs., SN XY9T025079

1-7120 Case IH combine, 900/65/32, RWA, chopper 1537 eng./1192 rotor hrs., SN Y96206413

1-2162 Case IH 30’ draper, SN YA2N12811

1-J&M header trailer

1-310C JD backhoe, cab, 2 wh. dr.


1-2525A Great Plains twin row drill

1-2020 Great Plains drill, 7.5” spacing

1-RMX 340 Case IH 32’ disk

1-DMI Tigermate 32’ field cultivator

1-W&A 12 row hippers on Orthman bar

1-Gandy seeder

1-Yetter 12 row rotary hoe

1-W&A 3 pt. Do-All, 12 row

1-Red Ball 12 row hoods

1-1400 Willrich 12 r. pull type Do-All

1-Fair Oaks 40’ roller

1-Nammco 40’ dirt blade

1-1500 Rhino hyd. blade

1-Rhino 12’ heavy duty blade

2-W&A PTO ditchers

1-W&A levee disk

1-Glencoe PTO ditcher

1-Bush Hog 6 row ripper hipper

1-Yetter 20’ no till cutter

1-Eversman V-ditcher

1-Stover module mower

3-Graham 17’ chisel plows

1-JD field cultivator

1-Triple K field cultivator

1-Rhino 6’ cutter

1-EZ Drop pipe layer

1-Allen V-ditcher

2-DMI 4 row paratills

2-4 shank subsoilers

1-Red Ball hooded boom

1-Turn row disk

1-2 disk ditcher

1-960 JD 25’ field cultivator

1-1,600 gallon water trailer

2-1,000 gallon water trailers

1-RC20 Rhino flail shredder

1-JD 4 cyl. power unit w/gen.

1-Yale forklift

4-Ingersol Rand air compressor

For More information contact Roy Gaines 870-740-3828

OWNER: KEVIN FELTS 870-240-3778

1-9996 JD 6 row cotton picker, Pro 16 heads, RWA, 42” duals, 2086 E/1592 F hrs., SN NO9996XO22215, Very Clean

1-9870 STS JD combine, 900/65/32 R2, RWA, chopper, Contour, 1553 eng./1142 sep. hrs., Pro drive, SN 731128

1-630F JD flex header

1-J&M 875 grain cart

1-Crust Buster boll buggy

For more information contact Kevin Felts 870-240-3778


1-4840 JD, cab, 38” duals, side tanks

1-4840 JD, cab, 38” R1 duals, side tanks

1-4840 JD, cab, 38” R1 duals

1-4630 JD, cab, 38” R1 duals

2-W&A 3 pt. Do-Alls

1-Forrest City 8 row hippers

1-1500 Rhino blade

1-Forrest City 8 row 3 pt. Do-All

1-800 Case IH 8 row planter

1-Bigham Bros. 4 row paratill

1-Case IH cutting disk

1-AMCO PTO ditcher

1-W&A spray boom

1-Landoll 8 row cultivator

1-Red Ball 8 r. hooded sprayer w/tanks

1-Dirt pan         

1-Chisel plow

1-Rhino G 1310 cutter

1-8000 JD drill

1-485 Case IH disk

4-RM6 JD cultivators

OWNER: JIM BEIS 573-225-7047

1-8320 JD, FWA, w/duals, JD guidance

1-9965 JD 4 row picker

1-2188 Case IH, RWA, 3490 hrs.

1-1020 Case IH 30’ header

1-Shelbourne Reynolds RVS 24’

1-1200 Case IH 12 row planter

1-Great Plains 20’ drill

1-1,100 gallon water trailer

1-452 Parker grain cart

1-13414 Bush Hog cutter

1-Amco 12 row hippers on Orthman bar

1-Nammco levee squeeze

1-EZ Drop pipe layer

1-AMCO PTO ditcher

1-60’ spray boom, 300 gal. tank

1-40’ hopper bottom, 2004 mdl.

1-12 row vertical fold buster

1-Reynolds 12x50 land plane

1-Brandt 16x50 land plane

1-4039T JD power unit, w/pump

1-Ford power unit

1-4390T Case IH power unit, w/pump

1-P85 Case IH power unit

1-Brandt 16x50 H land plane 

For more information contact Jim Beis 573-225-7047


1-8235R JD, FWA, 46” R1 duals, 996 hrs., SN 1RW8235R KDP082949

1-8270R JD, FWA, 46” R1 duals, 601 hrs., SN 1RW8270R JEP091345

1-8295R JD, FWA, 50” RIW duals, 890 hrs., SN 1RW8295R EEP100375

1-8270R JD, FWA, 50” RIW duals, 559 hrs., SN 1RW8270R PEP091262

1-4730 JD sprayer, 80’ boom, 2826 hrs., SN 1NO4730 XLA0013629

1-8330 JD, FWA, 42” R2 duals, 3742 hrs., SN RW8330P001390

1-9600 JD combine

1-9760 STS JD, RWA, Contour, no rice, corn and bean machine, 3101 hrs., SN HO9760S721608

1-9760 JD, RWA chopper, Contour, 20.8x42 R2 duals, 2541 hrs., SN HO9760S721102

1-9770 JD, R.W.A., chopper, Contour, 20.8x42 R2 duals, 1551 eng./1149 sep. hrs., SN HO9770S 732090

1-1293 JD corn head, 2003 mdl.

1-630D JD head, SN 745433

1-630D JD head, SN 745432

1-635D JD head, SN 711972

1-635F JD head

Dealer transfer and financing on Legacy equipment available to qualified buyers with pre-approval.

For more info. or financing pre-approval, call Lee Bethune 573-359-0141 Store or 573-724-4020 Cell.


1-8530 JD tractor, FWA, front duals, ILS, IVT, 50" duals, SF2 w/2630 screen, 5294 hrs., SN 8530D022594

1-6800 KMC ripper hipper, 12 row 30", stack fold, w/liq. fert. attach., 2 yrs. old

1-8225R JD tractor, FWA, 46" R1 duals, 4700 hrs.

1-8225R JD tractor, FWA, 46" R1 duals, 4616 hrs., SN 5069

1-9510R JD tractor, 4WD, 710/ 42/RIW duals, 4700 hrs., SN 9510R EEP012810

1-6430 JD tractor, premium cab, FWA, 1875 hrs., SN 13642

1-275 Case IH Magnum tractor, 50" R1 duals, 4497 hrs., guidance ready

1-275 Case IH Magnum tractor, 50" R1 duals, 2457 hrs., guidance ready

1-8120 JD, FWA, 46" R1 rubber, 7296 hrs.

1-7230 Case IH, cab, 2 wh. dr., 7165 hrs.

1-500 Case IH HD Steiger, 2013 md., 3403 hrs., 710/70/42 R1 duals, P.T. wty. to 12-16-19, SN ZDF138956

1-1890 John Deere 40' air drill, SN 755494, w/1910 cart, SN 755455, 2014 yr.

1-Reynolds 17C, SN 28734

1-Reynolds 15C, SN 28987

4-Sets laser plane equipment

4-7' and 4' electric mast w/transmitters

1-8240 Case IH combine, RWA, Pro 700 monitor, 900/60/32, ext. wear pkg., wheat and beans, no rice, 326 eng./248 sep. hrs., 1-owner

1-9870 JD combine, RWA, singles, 2454 eng./1881 rotor hrs.

1-9986 JD 6 row picker, Pro 16, RWA, 2374 E/1907 F hrs., SN 16495

1-4720 JD sprayer, 90' boom, RTK guidance, 3838 hrs., SN 2947

1-Case IH 32' turbo till, w/crumbler

1-Meyer V-Force 7500 gin trash spreader

1-2210 JD 42' field cultivator, w/harrow

1-2623 JD vertical till, w/baskets

1-637 JD 37' 6" disk, 24" blades

1-Bigham 16 row 30" hipper chopper

2-1435 Sunflower 33' disks, good blades

2-Prime 30' disks

2-1230 Case IH 12 row 38" planters, hyd. drive (typo on brochure, not a 30")

1-Monosem 12 row 38" twin row planter, w/6+4, SN 10A248

1-7300 JD 12 row 38" planter

1-12 row liquid applicator, w/KBK tank & trailer

1-3140 Kinze 12 r. 30" planter, hyd. dr.

1-Amco 12 row 30" hipper on Orthm. bar

1-612C JD 30" corn head

6-4T100 JD power units, 500-1500 hrs.

1-KBH auto bridge module builder

1-1720 JD 12 row 38" planter, SN 1720R705393

1-Case IH 12 r. strip till machine

1-Red Ball 12 row stack fold spray hoods

1-KBH boll buggy

1-Crust Buster stripper builder

1-3950 Case IH 32' disk

1-4630 JD tractor

1-Hiniker air seeder

1-Hardy 60' spray boom

(added after brochure was printed)

1-8300 John Deere MFWD 18.4 X 46 S/N RW8300P020720
1-Wilmar Hooded Sprayer 40' (Like New)
1-Unverferth HT30 Header Trailer
1-J&M 750 bus Grain Cart
1-John Deere 7300 Stack Fold Planter 12Row 38'
1-John Deere 1720XP Stack Fold Planter 16Row 30" S/N AO1720R725138
1-Brandt Hipper Roller 40'
1-W&A Disk Hipper 16Row 30" (Nice)
1-HX20 John Deere Cutter
5-Deutz 4cyl Power units
1-Case IH 4391 Power Unit
4-Case IH 4390 Power Units
1-Beene 20' Smooth Roller
2-Trains Reynolds 10C 12P Dirt Pans
1-1995 White /GMC Day Cab Truck
1-2014 CTS 40' Hopper Trailer
4-500 gal propane tanks
1-25' Honey Bee Draper Header
1-JD 1535 3pt Box Drill w/planter units
1-Case IH 335, Front duals, 46" R2 rear duals, 4785 hrs, SN DEG004165
1-Case IH 180, 54" rear tires, 42" front, 5830 hrs, SN DEG0005365
1-Case IH 619 Cotton Picker, 3467 eng hrs, 2495 fan hrs, SN JJCC0250147
1-JD 4730 Sprayer, 4821 hrs, 2012 model,  90' boom, hydraulic adj. axles, swath control capability,  clean
1-2188 Case IH Combine
1-9760 STS JD Combine, 2370/3103 hours
1-S680 JD Combine, 1694/1307 hrs, SN 1H0S680SPD0757358
1-8970 Tractor
1-7 Tower T&L Center pivot with JD power unit and turbine, to be moved (sold by photo)

  More Information:  

For more information, call owners at numbers given

To consign equipment, contact: Jason Lynn 573-717-0258
Jack Holifield 870-926-4173

DeWitt Auction does not charge the buyer fees such as buyers premium or loading fees.

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