Yazoo City, MS
Owner: Norway Farms
Thursday, February 1st, 2018
Sale Time 10:00 am
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Auctioneer's Note: 

After 32 years of farming, Mr. Rob Coker (Norway Farms) has decided to discontinue his farming operation to pursue other interests and has commissioned DeWitt Auction Co. to sell this list of farm machinery at public auction.


Take Highway 49W North of Yazoo City to Carter Road.

Sale Site: Yazoo Planters Gin
3007 Carter Road
Yazoo City, MS 39194

Rob Coker 662-571-7348, J.D. Cresswell 662-571-9910 or Kevin DeWitt 573-380-0175 o  


2-8370R JDs, IVT, ILS, 6 rem., 480/80R/50 duals, fr. duals, fr./rear wts, hyd. top link, 2630 mon., 3000 rec. RTK, wty to Feb. 24, 2019, SN 1RW8370RYED100840 w/1450 hrs., and SN 1RW8370 RPED100783 w/2125 hrs.

4-Sets Demco 1,000 gal. chem. tanks, w/attachments

3-8295R JDs, P.S. trans., 6 rem., 480/80R/50 duals, fr. duals, fr. weights, hyd. top link, 2630 mon., 3000 rec. RTK, wty to March 10, 2019, SN 1RW8295RVSP101137 w/1914 hrs., SN 1RW8295R EFP101208 w/1927 hrs., and  SN 1RW8295RLFP101044 w/2040 hrs.

2-6125R JD MFWDs, cab, 460/85/34 tires, wty to Feb. 2, 2019, SN 1LO6125RPEK 816256 w/1388 hrs. and SN 1LO6125RUEK816070 w/1327 hrs.

1-5085E JD MFWD, cab, 811 hrs., 2 remotes, loader ready, SN 1LV5085ECEY241899


1-6036 Sky Trak, 2519 hrs., SN 2672

1-310E JD 4x4 backhoe, 5886 hrs., clean-out bucket, aux. hyd., SN PO310EX855806


2-S690 JD combines, 4x4, 20.8x 42 duals, Contour, chopper, Precision yield mon., SN 775112 w/1037 eng./757 sep. hrs., and SN 775107 w/1038 eng./733 sep. hrs. (Both of these combines are grain machines.)

4-1082 Brent grain carts, w/tarps, SN 775187

2-635FD JD heads, SN 771588

2-1616C JD 16 row 30” corn headers, Stalk Master, SN 1HOO1616C JEC775022 and SN 1HOO1616CJEC 775017

2-HT 1138 Frontier tandem axle header trailers

2-HT 1142 Frontier tandem axle header trailers

1-R4030 JD sprayer, 90’ stnls boom, 800 gal. tank, 1465 hrs., 300 rec., guidance and section control, wty to Feb. 2, 2018, SN 1NO4030REE0006727

1-30” spacing kit for 7760 picker


3-1725 JD 16 row 30” planters, w/Delta Force hyd. down force, Copper Head press wheels, w/Starter fertilizer kit, Micro Track monitor, (1-has organic matter sensors and moisture)

1-1990CCS JD 42’ drill, 100 bushel hopper, SN 760304

1-ST 350 KBH seed tender


2-Bingham Bros. 16 row 30” hipper choppers, 1-w/Valmar 1655 seeder

1-2623 JD 33’ 6” disk, hyd. level

1-3000 Great Plains Turbo Till, 33’, w/baskets

1-2510S JD Residue Master Strip-Till

1-1435 Sunflower 33’ disk

1-Krause 33’ vertical till w/rolling baskets

1-TC 5300 Great Plains Turbo Chisel

1-3530 Yetter rotary hoe, hyd. fold

1-Bingham Bros. 8 bottom Terra Till, w/busters

1-Rollacone hipper, 16 row 30”, hyd. fold

2-845 JD tool bars, 16 row coulter fertilizer applicator

2-Orthman 16/30 cultivators

2-1010 JD field cultivators, 32’, w/harrow

1-3 pt. spray boom

1-709 JD mower

1-McFarlane harrow

1-155 JD hyd. blade, 8’

1-AMCO PTO ditcher (NEW, IN CRATE)

1-Glencoe PTO ditcher

1-Holly roller, hyd. fold

2-CX15 JD mower

1-RC25 Rhino mower

1-Holly 40’ hyd. drag


1-4D80 power unit on trailer

1-239T power unit on trailer

1-JD 6 cyl. power unit on trailer, w/generator

1-Norman Lenisol 36RD3 land plane, w/lazer stand (will sell lazer equipment separately)

1-Reynolds 10C, SN 19161

1-Reynolds 4 yd., SN 1791

2-Reynolds 14468 land planes

1-10’ hyd. blade

1-12’ Grademaster blade

1-EZ Drop poly pipe roller

1-Rollacone pivot track remover

1-Proctor 8” camel back pump

1-Lot 18 steel pipes, approx. 40’

1-Lot irrig. fittings, Ys, Ts, 90ºs


1-2006 Freightliner Columbia, day cab, 60 Series Detroit

1-1996 Freightliner, sleeper cab, 60 Series Detroit

2-2007 Freightliner, day cabs

2-2013 Ford F-250 XLT crew cab trucks, 4x4, diesel, 115,000 miles and 160,000 miles

1-2012 Ford F-350 flat bed, 4x4, crew cab, 120,000 miles, diesel

1-2012 Ford F-250, 4x4, crew cab, gas

2-Wilson 40’ hpr btms, 1995 yr.

2-ArmorLite 42’ hopper bottoms, 2013 yr. and 2014 yr.

1-CPS 42’ hopper bottom

1-Wilson 40’ hopper bottom, 2006 yr.

1-KBH 40’ hopper bottom, 2007 yr.

1-Sure Pull 25’ gooseneck trailer, 2009 yr.

1-Magnolia 44’ lowboy w/ramps, 2004 yr.

1-Mixing trailer w/3-1,500 gal. poly tanks, w/Honda motor & mixing tank

1-Mixing trailer w/3-1,600 gal. poly tanks, w/Honda motor & mixing tank

1-Thunder Creek 19DT990 fuel trailer

1-16’ utility trailer


Rob Coker 662-571-7348

J.D. Cresswell 662-571-9910


Kevin DeWitt 573-380-0175


1-7760 JD 6 row cotton picker, 1602 eng./1171 fan hrs., SN 45195

2-8320 JD MFWDs, SN 22090 and SN 22320

1-Eddins R3-26 hipper roller, SN 435

1-496 Case IH disk, 24’

1-JD HX10 clipper

1-12 row 38” N-Sol Knife Rig, JD bar, no pump

2-Bell Hi-Clear tracking trailers, w/1,000 gal.

1-4800 Case IH field cult., 32’

1-5400 Case IH Soybean Special, 20’

2-5 shank Dickey parab. plows

2-4 shank Barnes parab. plows

1-KBH Mule Boy Boll Buggy w/vac., SN MBO3202

1-Westerfield MK100-91, 10” auger, SN 179591

For more info. about this equipmemt, call: Bernie Jordan 662-571-3709

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You must have an "Affidavit of Farmer Purchasing Tractors, Farm Implements and/or Parts and Labor" filed with DeWitt Auction to pay the reduced 1.5% sales tax. If you do not have this affidavit with you on the day of the sale you will have to pay the full sales tax rate. This Applies to everyone, even if you reside in another state.
Please fill out this form and get it notarized. If you do not live in MS please write the County and State on the top line, ignore "State of MS, County of"
You may fax or email the form prior to the auction.
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