Corning, AR
Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
Sale Time 10:00 am
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Auctioneer's Note: 

Having quit farming to begin other business ventures, Eric Leonard has commissioned DeWitt Auction Co. to sell his farm equipment at public auction. Also included in this auction will be equipment from SJ Fox Farms LLC to be sold following Eric Leonard equipment.


From Corning, AR go 3 miles north to Highway 328. Go west 3.8 miles to sale site. From Poplar Bluff, MO go south 27 miles to Highway 328. Go west 3.8 miles to sale site.

Owner: Eric Leonard   


1-290 Case IH MFWD, 520/80 R46 R1 duals, 3531 hrs., 2012 yr., auto steer, SN ZBRD08594

1-275 Case IH MFWD, 520/80 R46 R2 duals, 3608 hrs., 2008 yr., auto steer, SN Z7$206538

1-T8330 Ford N.H. MFWD, 520/46RIW duals, 34” front duals, 2365 hrs., 2012 yr., auto steer, SN ZBRG09186

1-8430 JD MFWD, 480/80R50 R1 duals, 7021 hrs., 2008 yr., SFI auto steer, SN 1RW8430 D022840

1-7240 Case IH, 2 wh., 20.8x38 duals, SN JAC061789

1-4720 JD sprayer, 380/90R46, 800 gallon, 90’ booms, hyd. tread adjust, auto steer, SN NO4720X005546


1-9120 Case IH, 520/R42 R2 duals, 4 wh., 28Lx26 rear, 1562 hrs., field tracker, chopper, 2011 yr., SN YAG209571

1-FD75 Mac Don 35’ header, 2016 yr., SN 288973

1-Header trailer

1-875 JM grain cart

1-Batco 15x45 auger

1-Batco drive over pit, New

1-Batco 20x85 auger

1-Hutchison driver over pit

1-Westfield 10x50 auger, w/swing (damaged)

1-Hutchison auger, PTO


1-6020 Crustbuster 8 row peanut planter, also bean plates, 8x30

1-KMC 6 row peanut digger, 30’

1-2100 Amadas peanut digger combine, 6 r. 30”, SN 420192

1-KMC peanut vine fluffer

1-2100 Amadas peanut digger combine, 6 r. 30”, SN 420193

1-ADI-8 Amadas peanut digger, 6 row 30”, SN 450554


1-1230 Case IH planter, 16 row 30”, Early Riser, box ext., corn/beans/milo/peanuts

1-Bingham Bros. hipper roller, 16 row 30”, 1 yr. old

1-Water plow, 16 row 30”

1-Brandt bedder chopper, 16 row 30”

1-JD 20’ drill, SN 690397

1-637 JD 35’ disk

1-330 Case IH 31’ Turbo Till

1-630 JD 32’ disk

1-Hurricane PTO ditcher

1-Levee splitter

1-Hicks Bros. poly pipe layer

1-Hicks Bros. poly pipe roller

1-Snake killer roller, 20’

1-JD Roto Hoe

1-Allen gate setter

1-W&A dual gang levee plow w/seeder

1-Allen ditcher

2-Prime levee plows

1-Buffalo 8 row 30” cultivator

1-New spot sprayer

1-Weed wacker, 20’


14-JD 4T100       4-Deutz 4 cyl.

1-3 cyl. relift pump, 1144 hrs.


1-3750 Unverferth seed tender, 3 axle

3-Proctor 18x50 land planes

1-Fair Oaks land plane

1-3,200 gallon poly tank

For more information, call: Eric Leonard 870-323-0141

Equipment Belonging to  SJ Fox Farms LLC

(To Sell After Eric Leonard Equipment)

1-9560R JD, 4WD, p. shift, 2013 yr., 3950 hrs., w/544 hrs. on remanu.motor, 2 yr. wty on motor, full wty available until 5/23/18, 800/70R38 Michelin duals, 5 SCV rem., guid. ready w/SF1 receiver included, premium cab, SN 1RW9560RHDP08122

2-9410R JDs, 4WD, p. shift, 2013 yr., wty avail. until 3-5-18, 520/85R46 Goodyear R2 duals, 5 SCV rem., 1000 RPM PTO, guid. ready w/SF1 rec. included, prem. cab, 3437 hrs., SN 1RW9410RLDP007167 & 3505 hrs., SN 1RW9410RVDP 007022 (Both have never been on dirt scoops)

2-8360R JDs, MFWD, 2013 yr., IVT trans., 480/70R34 Michelin duals front, 800/70 R38 Michelin duals rear, ILS fr end, 1000 RPM PTO, 5 SCV rem., guid. ready, w/SF1 rec. included, premium cab, 4891 hrs., wty avail. to 5-23-18, SN 1RW8360RCDD073316 and 4018 hrs., wty avail. to 7-18-18, SN 1RW8360RCDD075031

1-8360R JD MFWD, 2012 yr., IVT trans., 4891 hrs., 480/70R34 Michelin duals front, 800/70R38 Michelin duals rear, ILS front end, 1,000 RPM PTO, 5 SCV rem., guid. ready w/SF1 receiver included, SN 1RW8360RCDD06228

1-580 Case Super N backhoe, 2011 yr., 4x4, 2948 hrs., full cab, air, extend-a-hoe, SN JJGN58WTLBC545061

1-1890 JD 40’ planter w/1910 cart, 7.5” spac., run block sensors, drill SN AO1890 C735332 and cart SN AO1910 H735472

1-630 JD 32’ disk, 7.25” spac., 11Lx15 tires, SN NOO630 X011194

1-J&M grain cart, 1,075 bu., 620/70R42 duals, hyd. dr, adj. spout, Md. 1075-18, SN 2075

1-Case Turbo-Till 34’, 7.5” spacing, rolling harrow baskets w/flat bar, SN YCD058729

1-Reynolds 15C14 dirt bucket, 2001 yr., 15 yard 14’ wide, SN 32613

1-Reynolds 17C finish bucket, 2001 yr., 17 yard, SN 27336

2-1812C JD dirt buckets, front SN T81812C001317 and back SN T81812C001318

For more information, call: Steve Fox4 870-926-5953

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Owners At numbers given with listings or DeWitt Auction 800-533-9488

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