Sikeston, MO
Monday, October 2nd, 2023
Sale Time 9:30 am
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DeWitt Auction Company Lot
220 DeWitt Drive
Sikeston, MO 63801

APPROX. 9:30 A.M. - Row 1: Duals, small field equipment and misc. items. Every item in Row 1 sells regardless of price. NOTE: All tires are lined up behind Salvage Row to be sold after Row 1. All tires sell absolute.

APPROX. 10:00 A.M. - Row 2: All types of field equip. including cutters, disks, hay equip. and tillage equip..

APPROX. 12:00 NOON - Construction Equipment including backhoes, track loaders, forklifts, rubber tire loaders and dirt scoops.

APPROX. 12:30 P.M. - A consignment of combines, headers, tractors, and miscellaneous. Partial listing below:


1-740 Lexion Claas, APS hybrid, 2018 yr., 4 wh., corn/bean, lateral tilt feeder house, pwr cast tailboard, pwr folding bin ext., autotrac ready, round bar concaves, hydro. trans., 7.9m unloading auger, 620/70R42 R1 fr. duals, 750/65R26 rear, 805 sep./1066 eng. hrs., SN 7800522

1-S680 JD, 580/85R42 R1 duals, 750/65R26 rear, 4 wh., prem. cab, pro drive trans., round bar tristream roto, extended wear, Contour, pwr board chopper, 2016 yr., 1889 hrs., (Local combine, very clean and field ready), SN 1HOS680SAFO785042

1-S680 JD, 4 wh., prem. cab, pro drive trans., Contour, large wire concave, var. stream rotor, ext. wear, 7.9m unloading auger, chopper, 1250/45-32 front, 750/65R26 rear, R1W, 2527 sep./3615 eng hrs., SN 1HOS680SPC0747282

1-S670 JD combine, 900/65R32 R2, 28Lx26 rear, 4 wh., prem. cab, round bar variable stream roto, chopper, 2012 yr., 1752 hrs., SN 1HOS670SECO747207

1-S670 JD combine, LSW 900/50R42, 76x50x32 flotation, 28Lx26 rear, 4 wh., prem. cab, round bar variable stream roto, chopper, 2012 yr., 2668 hrs., SN 1HOS670STCO747209

1-9870 STS JD, 4 wh., prem. cab, Contour, chopper, round bar concave, corn/bean, 6.9m auger, 520/85R42 R1 front duals, 28Lx26 rear, 2508 sep./3375 eng. hrs., SN HO9870S730519

1-9870 STS JD, 4 wh., prem. cab, Contour, spreader, round bar, ext. wear, rice, 6.9m auger, 20.8R42 R2 front duals, 28Lx26 rear, 1993 sep./2720 eng. hrs., SN HO9870S725395

1-9670 STS JD combine, 20.8x42 R2, 28Lx26 rear, 4 wh., prem. cab, Contour, spreader, 2792 hrs., SN HO9670S731339

1-9760 STS JD combine, 76x50x32 flotation, 28x26 rear, 4 wh., prem. cab, round bar, spreader, SN 1HO9760S717245

1-8120 Case IH, 1250x32 flotation, 4 wh., Pro 600 monitor, leather seat, SN YBG213349

1-9660 STS JD, 520/85R42 R1 duals, 18.4x30 rear, 4 wh., chopper, Contour, 2746 hrs., SN 721703

1-8120 Case IH, 900/60R42, 28Lx26 rear, 3349 hrs., SN CBJ02417

1-CR9070 New Holland, 900/60R32 R1, 600/65R28 R1, chopper, Cont. 2615 hrs., SN HAJ110240

APPROX. 2:00 P.M. - 50-75 Farm Tractors including
8360R, 50” fr. duals, ILS, 4686 hrs.
8320R, 50”, 1500 fr., 5202 hrs.
8335R JD, 50” fr. duals, IVT, ILS, 5281 hrs.
8310R, 50”, ILS fr., 6300 hrs.
8285R 50”, ILS fr., fr. duals, 5300 hrs.
8245R JD, 46”, 1500 fr., 6200 hrs., 2014 yr.
8360RT tracks, 7636 hrs.
8235R 46” duals, 12,000 hrs.
6210R 46” MFWD, 10,000 hrs.
6420 cab MFWD
6120M JD MFWD, 1753 hrs.
6170R JD MFWD, 3760 hrs.
9510R JD 4 wh., 710/42 duals, trans. prob.
9510RT JD, 30” tracks, 7091 hrs.
450HD Case, 4 wh., 710/70R38, 2013 yr., 7374 hrs.
BX2680 Kubota
3-1025R JDs
1135 MF
220 Allis
4520 JD
806 Int.

Partial listing only.


1-Lemken Hi-Speed Disk, 28', SN 480274, Like New (Has been over 1100 acres)

Owner: Jerry Farnham Estate

1-1025R John Deere Tractor, MFWD, Loader, 578 hrs., Mower Deck

1-John Deere Tiller, 4'

1-35ZTS John Deere Mini Excavator, New Motor but showing 8819 total hrs., SN FF035ZX230418

1-Two Axle Trailer, Pendulum Hitch, 14,000 lbs. 

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DeWitt Auction 800-533-9488

DeWitt Auction does not charge the buyer fees such as buyers premium or loading fees. Cash or check only. No credit cards accepted.

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